Ayka Communication Job Consultancy¬† is the¬† Best in India Manpower recruitment and retention are critical to sustain organization’s staffing with the best men and women willing to stand in the gap and ensure the best possible outcomes. Though, at the present time, social networking sites are increasingly becoming very, very strong places for companies to grow their talent and recruitment plans so there are ways in which we Ayka Communication Job Consultancy track some of the momentum there. We stand out among the crowd and perform at the best, support the critical needs and ensure closure within the latest tools that provide excellent difference amongst other manpower consulting services in addition to the strategic sourcing as a value addition. Our services include:
Manpower outsourcing or recruitment service
Executive search service
Employee assessment service
Resume modification service
Personality development and grooming
Ayka Communication Job Consultancy is specialized in executive recruitment, middle and senior management manpower solutions and outsourcing for a wide range of clients in and outside of India, including MNC, mid-cap and startup organizations. We are one of the leading companies in this field continuously handling recruitment for years. We have been serving thousands of individuals and organizations to overcome the challenges faced in the time of recruitment. We have been optimizing the chances to recruit the best or the best candidates out for the organizations providing end-to-end recruitment solutions.